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              Client Services

              Kwadacha Green Energy

              Kwadacha Green Energy, located in Fort Ware, BC, is a biomass generating facility with a maximum power export of 121 kW and delivers energy to BC Hydro. The project consists of 3 x 45 kW induction generators. Wood to fuel the plant comes from trees killed by the pine beetle infestation. The facility is the first of its kind in Canada. The electricity produced for the village decreases the use diesel power generation. Synex Energy Ltd. provides operational support and liaison service between the Kwadacha Nation and BC Hydro.


              Synex utilizes best practices and leading technologies to ensure safe, clean, efficient, and reliable operation of energy generation facilities at reasonable prices to clients. For more information about Synex’s facility operation services, please contact Daniel Russell, President and CEO of Synex International Inc., at (905) 329 - 5000 or Daniel.Russell@Synex.com.


              Suite 101, 1444 Alberni Street
              Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 2Z4


              Telephone: (604) 688-8271
              Fax: (604) 688 1286
              Email: daniel.russell@synex.com