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              Advanced Projects
              Under Development

              Synex Energy Resources Ltd. is currently developing two hydroelectric plants on Vancouver Island; Newcastle Creek Hydro Project and McKelvie Creek Hydro Project, totalling 9.8 MW with completion dates for both in 2018.

              Synex Energy Resources Ltd. holds licences on and is in the early planning stages for over 25 prospective hydro projects in British Columbia.


              McKelvie Creek Hydro Project

              Located near Tahsis, BC, on Vancouver Island, the proposed McKelvie Project would provide 5.2 MW of run-of-river power. Both a water licence and land tenure have been issued from the Province of British Columbia.


              Newcastle Creek Hydro Project

              The Newcastle Hydro Project is to be located on Newcastle Creek on Vancouver Island near the Village of Sayward. It has a proposed installed capacity of 4.3 MW. Synex Energy is continuing to advance the regulatory aspects of this project. Both a water licence and land tenure have been issued from the Province of British Columbia.


              Victoria Lake Hydro Project

              Located 7km southeast of Port Alice, BC, on Vancouver Island, this proposed project would provide 10 – 15MW of power and has lake storage available. The Victoria Lake Limited Partnership, owned by Synex Energy Resources Ltd. and another energy developer, is the owner and proponent of the project.

              Other Development Projects

              Synex International Inc., through its subsidiaries, has been awarded, or has active applications for land tenures and water licences on over 50 potential hydroelectric sites. The majority of water licence applications are for projects with individual capacities of less than 10MW. 


              Suite 101, 1444 Alberni Street
              Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 2Z4


              Telephone: (604) 688-8271
              Fax: (604) 688 1286
              Email: daniel.russell@synex.com